Friday, February 25, 2011

.dex format to .jar format

Now very easy to convert the .apk file to ordinary java file before going that we should want two jar files


Download that two zip files extract and store in your local directory....

      Steps to extract the .dex to .jar

Step 1 : Now You just create one java project in eclipse like the following.....

Step 2: Right click the project --> Select build path --> then configure build path
             one  window appear  like

Step 3 : Now select Add external JARs option --> browse upto dex2jar lib directory select all jar files -->            
             Click OK
             Ensure all jar are added or not

Step 4 : Now copy the .apk file and paste into the project

               Check the folder structure  should look like above

Step 5: Now you want to configure
            Right click the project ---> Select Run As  --> Then Select Run Configurations...
            one window show like

            On that window select Java Application Option which is placed in left side menu.
Step 6 : Then Enter  this one in Main Class Text box

 Step 7: select Argument tab Enter the Apk name with .apk extension in Program arguments text field
Step 8 : Click Apply and Run

     U just go and check in console It will give result like this.

  Now refresh the Java project one new file created with the name of  (xxx.apk.dex2jar.jar) copy that file and then paste to your local drive

Step  to convert .jar file to ordinary class file

 Now you go to Jd-gui tools select xxx.apk.dex2jar.jar file
              It will show like


Now you got ordinary java file from .dex file...